United Airlines Changes Their Name: Separated Airlines

106374_1280x720Over the past week United Airlines has been the poster child for screwing themselves over. Talk about a terrible public relations crisis… This crisis has changed the publics perception on United Airlines making it feel more “separated” than ever.

The crisis started when United Airlines brutally removed a passenger from an over booked flight. This passenger was literally dragged off of the plane and was left bruised and bloodied. This passenger has decided to take legal action.

The major airline provider in slew of this event decided they would offer refunds to all passengers. Well, the company once again separated themselves by adding a disclaimer to the refund that passengers seeking refund could not take any legal action against the airline.

To top it off, earlier today a couple who was headed off to their wedding was kicked off of another United Airlines flight. Once again, the airline was headlining the news with another PR crisis.

As a aspiring public relations professional, seeing this in the news has taught me exactly what not to do. This whole situation has been poorly handled. The company has kept themselves in the news and it is completely ruining their reputation.

There has been actions taken in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

To start, United Airlines CEO, Oscar Munoz tweeted shortly after the first incident “Im sorry. We will this”. This is something that is a given for any company that is in crisis, however things did not get better after this statement was released.

Today, there was a policy change where United Airlines employees are no longer allowed to displace seated passengers. Personally I don’t think this will be enough to compensate for the image that United Airlines has created for themselves.

In the realm of social media, several people have taken to making spoofs about the company. They have literally made a fool out of themselves. Even the church services I attended the pastor made a joke about the room being “overbooked”.

It will be interesting to see if United Airlines is able to recover from this disaster.

Hayden’s Not-So-Important Opinion?

United Airlines is screwed and the damage done may be beyond fixable…

Hayden’s Advice of the week?

Know what to do in a time of crisis.

-Thanks for reading


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