Being Ethical in a Changing World

Change. Change is something that most people thrive on, however change provides opportunity to grow. With the changing world many companies will do whatever it takes to get ahead. As an aspiring public relations professional there is one thing that I personally strive to do: be ethical.

With many different “fields” of work there are different set standards that professionals in that field must follow. These are referred to as their “code of ethics”. in public relations, the pillars that Public relations are as follows: advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness.

Now I will talk a little bit about what each of these things mean to me.

1) Being an advocate is important as a public relations professional. Yes, we want to represent and advocate for whatever brands or clients we manage but we must also keep in mind that this must be done ethically. You can’t advocate for something you don’t believe in so finding a company that fits you is important!

2) Honesty is key as a public relations professional because the truth must be told to the public. Transparency is key so no one is left behind on what the full truth is. Being honest as a public relations professional will protect your own image and your companies image.

3) Expertise is something that I hold near and dear to my heart. The drive to keep learning and stay up to date with your profession is crucial to your success. This helps the professional build credibility and the public relations field.

4) Independence protects you and the company you work for. I learned independence at a young age and learned that I am responsible for my own actions. What I do is my responsibility and can only be blamed on me.

5) Loyalty is something that builds trust. Like I mentioned earlier, you must find a company that fits you. This one is a lot like relationships because you have to be faithful in order for that relationship to work. You have to be able to be loyal to your company, but also the publics in which you serve.

6) Fairness is something that many people look at and say “well life isn’t fair”. Well though they may be right, fairness is important because it gives everyone the opportunity to maximize their potential. Everyone has equal rights and that should not be tampered with.

Overall, it is important to always remember to be ethical in whatever field you pursue. There is a saying that one of my professors once said. He said, “do the right thing and like what you do”. This means so much to me because your happiness is key but you must do the right thing to be happy. Be ethical.

Hayden’s Not-So-Important Opinion?

Those who aren’t ethical should be immediately released.

Hayden’s Advice of the Week?

“Do the right thing and like what you do.”

-Thanks for reading!


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