Edelman Trust Barometer

Every year Edelman puts out a “Trust Barometer” which looks into peoples trust in different assets of our lives. This report is an extremely useful tool because it helps public relations professionals know how to shape their messages. This year in their findings, they found that the trust people have is decreasing significantly.

In an article published on prdaily.com called “3 important findings from this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer” it talked about three surprising things that Edelman’s trust barometer shed light upon. These three things were…

1. “Trust in executives is at an all-time low”

2.” Media are trusted less and less.”

3. “Employees are the most trusted people to deliver messages”

I find this very interesting but it made me really interested in finding the answer of the question; how do we combat the decreasing trust?

Trust is something that takes years to build and seconds to destroy, so what are executives and the media doing wrong that is making them loose trust?

In the 2017 Edelman Trust Barometer it suggests that these people must be “With the people, not for the people”. This is a very powerful statement because this is something that has definitely been lost over time. The Barometer report talks about how influence has shifted upon the people and they are using this influence to reject authority.

If companies shift to the “with the people” model, they will avoid the bridge and be able to build trust because they are going through the same things with them. Fighting for the same things. The “with the people” model benefits all parties.

As a young professional seeking a career in public relations this is both scary and exciting that this is happening. People loosing trust is not a good thing, however it opens up the opportunity for students like me to make a difference and rebuild the trust that has been lost.

Hayden’s Not-So-Important Opinion?

I think that the Trust Barometer is extremely interesting and is a great tool.

Hayden’s Advice of the Week?

Be “with the people” and seek to build trust.

-Thanks for reading-




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