Dude, Spring Break 2k17

As a public relations student a break is unheard of… but low and behold, here I am taking on Spring Break 2k17.

Now for many, spring break may be heading out to that one vacation hotspot everyone knows and loves, however, for myself I will be staying home and resting as much as possible.

I present to you now, the 5 piece spring break survival kit for a public relations student.

1- Sleep


Now, This one is crucial….Turn off that early morning alarm. After the many all nighters you have pulled so far during the semester. Hit the hay and get some classic shut eye because the semester isn’t over yet. When you think you have slept enough, sleep some more.

2- Netflix


Well everyone else has been binging on the latest and greatest Netflix shows, you have been working aimlessly around the clock just to get the stuff you need to get done, done. Take some time to watch a series on Netflix. My show? The Office.

3- Coffee


As every public relations student knows, coffee is your best friend. Get yourself a good brew and sit back. Enjoy the fresh smell of coffee in the morning. (or 2:00 p.m. if you are anything like me)

4- Some homework


Yeah yeah yeah… I said it. Get out the homework and get ahead in your classes. You will thank the next week you when you fall right back into your old ways of all nighter after all nighter.

5- Food


Get some grub. Find your favorite snack. Nothing says Spring Break like eating a whole bag of Doritos and getting powdered cheese dust all over everything you touch. Celebrate your freedom week with some delicious munchies.


Well, no matter what way you are spending your spring break enjoy it and be safe!

Hayden’s Not-So-Important Opinion?

Everyone needs a chill week every so often.

Hayden’s Advice of the Week?

Enjoy your spring break!

-Thanks for reading!




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