The First Date: Having a Good Relationship with your Journalist

So… PR meets Journalism…its a match made in heaven right? Actually, yes. Having a good relationship with your journalist as a PR Professional is very important because they can make or break what goes out on your behalf. The standard process of getting your press release out is composing, sending, selling. I am going to … More The First Date: Having a Good Relationship with your Journalist

Getting Connected

Social media has been prevalent in both the Presidential Debate and the Vice Presidential debate. As I sat watching the debate last week with my computer opened to Tweetdeck I was amused by watching how fast the #Debates2016 feed was scrolling. I had a thought as I was watching the feed. Do you ever realize … More Getting Connected


Last week in our Public Relations Writing class we got to listen to Debra Bethard-Caplick speak about her crazy PR life. Debra is the President of the Suburban Chicago PRSA chapter. As I listened to her speak about her life in PR three things popped in my mind as I thought about my developing public … More #TeamNoSleep

Social Media OVERLOAD!

During the first Presidential Debate, my Social Media Strategies class got together to watch social media during the debate. Most students were using more that one device to keep up with different activity during the debate. Personally, I was using TweetDeck on my computer while scrolling through twitter on my phone. There was a few … More Social Media OVERLOAD!

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Last week we witnessed one of the largest events of the year, The first Presidential Debate for the 2016 Presidential election. Donald Trump (Republican) and Hillary Clinton (Democrat)  squared off and fired shots at each other  the whole night. There is a lot more than just speaking that goes into the preparation for our candidates. … More Who Let the Dogs Out?